Travian toolkit Help

Login window

  1. Add new server button : Click on this button to add new server
  2. Add new player button : Click on this button to add new player
  3. Select server combobox : click on it to drop a list of all servers then click on server you want
  4. Select player combobox : click on it to drop a list of all players then click on player you want
  5. Reload villages data Checkbox : Activate this option to reload your villages data. This is must when you build a new village or change your villages names
  6. Ok button : click on it to start and show main window

Add new Server window

Travian toolkit allow you to manage many servers, It cames with empty sever list or with one item as sample. All you need to do is typing the server name
  1. Type server name here.
  2. Press ok then it done.

Add new Player window

Travian toolkit allow you to manage many players within a selected server.
  1. Type player name here (as you type it in travian).
  2. Type password here (as you type it in travian).
  3. Press ok then it done.

Main window

Main window is simply an empty window that have a top menus.
  1. Resource world map : Use it to build a resource map.
  2. Farms : use it to open a farm manager window.
  3. Alliance inspector : use it to send your villages inspection to your alliance leader.

Resource world map

you can use the feature to build a vally map where you can know each vally type.
  1. Location Area : it has all controls to select the map center point and to start scan of the map.
  2. Map Area : It has a squares to indecate it is a vally location or oasis.
  3. Navigation Area : It has the buttons to move through the map. Its top area have some indication colors.

Location Area

  1. Your villages list : Click on it to select a village to be a center for the map.
  2. Village location : You can type a village location to be a center for the map.
  3. Go Button : Click on this button to move to the desired village on map.
  4. Current Position : this diplays the current position while moving mouse cursor over the map.
  5. Travian vally link : Displays the link of the current vally, you can copy it to travian.
  6. Scan Button : Click on it to scan selectd area or all visible area of map.
  7. Rescsn check box: Activate this box to rescan scand areas of map.

Map Area

  1. Not scaned area.
  2. Scaned area.
  3. 9-3-3-3 vally.
  4. 15-1-1-1 vally.
  5. A player village.
  6. oasis.

Navigation Area

  1. Villages and oasis indictors.
  2. Vally type indicators.
  3. Navigation buttons.
  4. Zoom buttons.

Farms Manager

Farm manager is valuable tool that helps you to manage your farms and search for new farms within seconds.
  1. Select your village to display all farms of this village.
  2. Farms table (list) : You can double click on any columon head to sort the farm list.
  3. New Farm button : Click on it to add a single farm by its travian link.
  4. Search for Farms : Click on it to open a search window where you can search for farms.
  5. Delete all farms and clear the list.
  6. Delete a single farm.
  7. Pause/reuse a single farm.
  8. Save the farms list.
  9. Troops sending area.

Add New Farm

  1. Type here farm link as you get it from map.
  2. Clik on (Get Village).
  3. You can also type farm location.
  4. Show farm data here.
  5. Put the troops you will send to this farm.
  6. Select Send type.
  7. Press (Ok) button.

Search for Farms

  1. Select the tribe you want.
  2. Type the village maximum population.
  3. Type the player maximum population.
  4. Type the maximum distance in fields.
  5. In this area you exclude some allaiances from your search.
  6. Put your troops counts here.
  7. Select send type.
  8. Press (Ok) button.

Alliance Inspector

Alliance Inspector is a very simple window, you just need to click "Inspect troops" button
  1. Here you can see a list of your villages.
  2. Click here to start inspecting your troops.
  3. This indicate the progress of inspecting.